Pastor's Corner

Hi everybody!!    
     Sorry that it has been so long since I was on here!!  Prayerfully, all of our social media ministries will be updated soon and I can finally get back to joining you with video communication.  Talk to you soon and have a wonderful week!!
May God use us together in His work always!  

Please, let us remember to hold each other up before God in prayer on a daily basis.   Pray for Freedom and all ministries striving to preach the Gospel !
Pray for the FRIENDS OF FREEDOM campaign as we seek to refill our list of partners with the Ministry.  I want to thank our supporting Churches for their confidence and help!

Pray for:  The Kyle Reedy and P-nut Pack families, Dreama Jones- Roscoe  Bise, Ruby Johnson, my mom, Betty Sage, Becky Chatham, Mary Alls, my wife, Janet, Randy Pennington, Dennis McFarlane, Logan Chatham, Wayne Shupe, Reba Haga, Doug Testerman, Ann Collins, Bruce Russell, Emilee Russell, Chris Cook, Patrick Testerman, Carolyn and Bob Kell, Lousie Hall, Wendel Thomas, Ray and Ann Parada, Bill and Nancy Carrico, the lost, the addicted to drugs, each other.  

"Topsy" Sage is a dear relative and friend of mine who is such a faithful partner with us here at Freedom.  Would you please join me right now in prayer for her two daughters, Brenda and Karen, who are both battling cancer!  Believe that both of these girls will get through this and beyond it into restored health!! Pray God will move in medicine and by miracle to bring total healing!!  

If you have someone you want added to our list here please text me 276-782-2407   or  email:  or leave a message at the Church:  276-783-7511  The Ministry phone is usually answered live between 11 am and 2 pm Monday-Friday and most Saturdays from 9 til noon and feel free to talk to me after the services!